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Stupid poltics aside, the game was extremely short with lacking gameplay and no...anything, really. Why you make this downloadable instead of played within a browser is confusing.

Looking forward to the larger experience, but works well as it is. Took me 16 blocks to avoid all the dudes, so not completely unrealistic >.>

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dude men make themselves look bad enough, they don't need any help from me

boooooo bad take healthygrain booooo 

dumbass begone. never type again

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I love your game and the meaning behind it. Which reflexes the problem that woman face everyday.  This game has inspire me and crossover to my own work. I recent develop a game about sexual assault called DaisyVR for the GearVR.

Keep up the good work and continue to make great games. :)

Pretty emotional game, good job.

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Wow thank you for taking the time to give this feedback!! It means a ton, and those are definitely things I want to consider moving forward with the project :>

its chloe say it like klowe