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Interesting concept.

It must certainly be a hassle to deal with such situations with no hope of improvement or change.

Im not able to play on Mac

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Interesting short game. I don't think there needed to be more gameplay to really convey the message with this.

Sometimes the game seemed a bit buggy, like being stuck in a confrontation part. I could move still, but if I moved out of the screen, the camera didn't move with me becos it was stuck in the conversation balloon. 

I'm sorry you had to deal with such men in your past.


Stupid poltics aside, the game was extremely short with lacking gameplay and no...anything, really. Why you make this downloadable instead of played within a browser is confusing.

agreed about making it bowser game!

Looking forward to the larger experience, but works well as it is. Took me 16 blocks to avoid all the dudes, so not completely unrealistic >.>

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dude men make themselves look bad enough, they don't need any help from me


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dumbass begone. never type again

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I love your game and the meaning behind it. Which reflexes the problem that woman face everyday.  This game has inspire me and crossover to my own work. I recent develop a game about sexual assault called DaisyVR for the GearVR.

Keep up the good work and continue to make great games. :)

Pretty emotional game, good job.

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Wow thank you for taking the time to give this feedback!! It means a ton, and those are definitely things I want to consider moving forward with the project :>

its chloe say it like klowe